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Aloha Friends! Here's The Kona Story...


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Welcome to Kona, where passion for grilling meets innovation and quality! Prepare yourself for a sizzling journey through our story.

Picture this: Jamie and Jamie Harris, two smoker enthusiasts with an unbreakable bond, embarked on a flavorful adventure in 2014. From their humble beginnings in a garage, their shared vision blossomed into something extraordinary. Yes, you read it right—both of them have the same name! Talk about an unforgettable duo.

Their very first creation, the Kona BBQ grill mats, took the grilling world by storm. It was like an explosion of flavor, igniting taste buds and setting a new standard for backyard barbecues. The undeniable success of these mats fueled their hunger to bring more excitement to grill masters and novices alike.

Fueling their passion for excellent BBQ utensils and gifts, Jamie and Jamie uncovered a secret: There were countless products out there that had the potential to be amazing—if only the manufacturers hadn't skimped on quality to save a few bucks. They knew there had to be a better way.

Driven by their desire to provide the healthiest, highest quality, and most innovative products, Kona was born. The company set out on a mission to revolutionize the grilling experience for everyone, all while keeping prices fair. Because great flavor shouldn't break the bank!

As the years flew by, Kona's product range expanded, and their growth skyrocketed like a perfectly seared steak. By 2016, they had established partnerships with over 20 third-party warehouses across the USA and even ventured into overseas markets. The Jamie's garage was bursting at the seams, straining under the weight of their ambition.

 Change was inevitable, and in 2017, they took the leap. Kona found a new home in the facility you see at the bottom of this page. But even that space is starting to feel the heat of their success. With over 40 third-party warehouses in the US, two warehouses in Europe, and two warehouses in Asia, Kona's influence knows no bounds. And by the end of this year, they're even expanding their footprint to Australia. There's no stopping this grilling revolution!

At Kona, we don't just promise satisfaction—we guarantee it. With our 120% Service Guarantee, you can trust that our products and customer service will leave you amazed. We're here to make your grilling journey easier, tastier, and more enjoyable.

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So, get ready to grill like never before. Mahalo for being a part of our flavorful journey!



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