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Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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Tired of overcooking or undercooking your meats and food or waiting for your outdated thermometer to finally get a reading? That frustration can be no more with this ultra quick and accurate thermometer!


Featuring a Ultra Fast Premium Probe - Capable of taking temperatures in as little as 2 seconds with an accuracy of +/-1, cook your meats, baked bread, deep fried foods, candy, soups, and beverages perfectly every time!

The instant read temperature probe by itself would make a great buy, but this thermometer goes even further with several unique and innovative features that sets it apart.



  • Waterproof Body - Do you frequently get your thermometer dirty and want a quick and easy way to wash it without fear? No worries, you can wash this thermometer under running water just like any of your dishes!


  • Ambidextrous Design - Featuring a 240 degree rotating probe that allows you to use the thermometer in either hand. It also has a screen with a sensor that detects when the thermometer digits are upside down and flips them automatically.


  • Bright LCD Light - Do you just need a little visual assistance for the read? Don't bother fumbling with your phone, the LCD backlight has you covered.


  • Easy Storage Design - Enjoy all the benefits of a long temperature probe without all the storage hassles. This thermometer can fully retract, making for easy & safe storage. The thermometer also has an internal magnet and large hang hole so that it can be stored upon the refrigerator or hung up on kitchen hooks. The hang hole even doubles as a bottle opener for added functionality!


  • Auto-OFF - A convenient battery saving auto-off when the probe is retracted or after 10 minutes have passed without activity.


  • Calibration - Comes expertly pre-calibrated, but can re-calibrated anytime to assure only the most accurate reads!


Don't rob yourself of making perfectly cooked meals any longer, and cook like a pro!

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  • All Natural - No Fillers, No Additives, & No Artificial Flavors

  • Sustainably Sourced From Toxin Free Regions

  • Premium USA & EU Hardwoods

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