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Indoor Smoker Pellets

Kona Stainless Steel Basting Brush With Silicone Bristles Set- 12 inch & 8 inch

Kona Stainless Steel Basting Brush With Silicone Bristles Set- 12 inch & 8 inch

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Elevate your indoor smoking experience with the Kona Stainless Steel Basting Brush Set, designed to meet your expectations.

These brushes are built to meet the highest standards, ensuring they won't shed or melt like lesser alternatives, while their soft silicone bristles guarantee an even application of glaze, sauce, marinade, or butter, enhancing the flavor of your indoor smoked creations.

  • Perfect for Smoking: Kona's silicone cooking brushes excel at absorbing oil and thinner sauces, making them ideal for your smoker, especially when working with flavors like Carolina Vinegar-Based Sauces. They're also versatile enough to handle thicker sauces for all your smoking needs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Heat resistant up to 480 degrees and dishwasher safe, these brushes are not only efficient but also easy to clean, ensuring they'll be your trusted companions in the world of indoor smoking for years to come.
  • Manufacturer's 7-Year Guarantee: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Kona's "No Hassle" 7-Year Guarantee, making this basting brush set an excellent addition to your indoor smoking toolkit. Elevate your smoking game and order now!
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Let's dive into the details.


• Even coating

• Heat resistant

• Easy to clean

Key Features

• Silicone

• Set of 2 (8" and 12")

• Easy to store with hanging ring

  • All Natural - No Fillers, No Additives, & No Artificial Flavors

  • Sustainably Sourced From Toxin Free Regions

  • Premium USA & EU Hardwoods

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